Material Connexion

Attention Industrial and Interior Design Students:
The School of Design is pleased to offer you a new resource that will surely add to your ID and Interior Design education here at RIT! Material Connexion is a “global materials consultancy and library of innovative and sustainable materials.” The online library – of which you now have access – “features over 5,000 cutting-edge materials in eight categories, including the largest selection of sustainable materials and the only Cradle to Cradle materials library in the world: Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Cement-based materials, Natural Materials, Carbon-based materials, Processes.” It’s an amazing materials database that provides a wealth of information for many disciplines within design development.

Access the New Online Materials Database
Go directly to the login page using this link. No login is required. <>

Create a Personal Account
Students and faculty can access the Materials Database remotely (off campus) by creating a free Personal Account. A Personal Account can also be used on campus and offers certain benefits and advanced features. For instance, students and faculty can save materials they have researched by “tagging” them. Use this link to create a personal account. A valid school email address must be used as a username.

I encourage you all to utilize this fabulous resource and take some time to explore the online library.

Best Regards,
Professor Patti J. Lachance

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