Study Abroad

DIS Program – University of Copenhagen

The DIS Program offers specialized semester, full-year, and summer programs in a wide range of academic fields, including industrial and interior design as well as art history. All courses are in English, and students have the option of living with a Danish host family. Visit DIS site to learn more about the program.

Dessau Exchange Program

This exchange program is an educational opportunity between the School of Design at RIT and Fachhochschule Anhalt FHA, Dessau, Germany. It is a flexible experiential opportunity for design students and faculty from both schools to participate in taking classes, teaching classes, and developing and participating in workshops, conferences, and special projects. It is not necessary to speak German to participate. Interested students may apply early in the junior year and will be selected based on academic achievement. The exchange takes place from March to July.

The Fachhochschule Anhalt is the College of Anhalt founded in 1991 and located in Dessau, Germany. It has important program similarities to RIT in terms of media, technology, and creative problem solving. Classrooms and offices are located in the restored Walter Gropius Building from the Dessau Bauhaus and program activities are shared with the Bauhaus Foundation. The Fachhochschule Anhalt  has high-quality professional programs in design such as Visual Communications, Product Design, and Multimedia. This exchange program has been successfully operating since 1997.

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