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T-minus 151: Department Wide Project

Prof. Bruce Leonard
Prof. Amos Scully
Prof. Marissa Tirone
Prof. Graham Carson
Prof. Josh Owen

T-Minus 151 is an intensive, one-week project rallying together all students of the RIT Industrial Design department. Working with an all-consuming deadline, this project dedicates students to mixed-year teams devoting their entire course load within the major to a single project. Comprising each team are representatives from every level of the ID program; freshman to graduate students.

The one-week project is launched on the first day of classes in the spring term with all students attending a presentation where the project scope and sponsor is revealed. The department partners with an industry sponsor to drive the criteria and offer an award in acknowledgement of the winning team’s concept. The title ‘151’ refers to the number of hours in the project from launch to showcase end.


First year graduates
Second year graduates

We are going to initiate Open House Year End Studio at the end of the spring semester. Juniors, seniors, first year graduates, and second year graduates will display all of their work in the studios.

More information TBA.

Materials Library

Prof. Bruce Leonard
Prof. Graham Carson

The items displayed in this resource area of the fourth floor Industrial Design studio represent a selection of the materials employed by our students, faculty, and collaborators to move ideas forward. Physical samples help us to better understand properties and potential applications.

Artifacts of Process

Prof. Josh Owen
MFA Candidate Bridget Sheehan

An initiative was started to display artifacts of process on top of the lockers that are passed by when walking through the Industrial Design studios. The items displayed are inspirational materials and products that represent aspects of research carried out in the department by students, faculty, and collaborators.

Transforming a Carbon Neutral RIT-ID

Prof. Alex Lobos
MFA 2013, Cong Yao
MFA 2013, Jongsoo Gang

As industrial design education transforms itself into a sustainable environment, many institutions are exploring ways of integrating responsible practices and addressing issues that affect a discipline that creates new products on a daily basis.

The department of Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT-ID) recently began working on becoming a carbon neutral unit, aligning itself with RIT’s pledge to The American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) to become a carbon neutral campus by 2030.

More information about this initiative can be found here.

Department Rebranding

Prof. Josh Owen
MFA 2013 David Strauss
MFA Candidate Bridget Sheehan

The purpose behind the branding of the RIT Industrial Design Department is to create a consistent set of graphic standards that will enhance the visuals in the digital, printed, and physical space.

The graphic standards were developed and designed by using source material from the Vignelli Center for Design Studies and the teachings of Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

For further information and process photos, visit Prof. Josh Owen’s Faculty Page, here.

Design Build Committee

Prof. Josh Owen
Angela Corrado
Linda Deng

The Design-Build Committee is an ad-hoc group of concerned citizens of the ID program who work together directly with the Chair to help create meaningful modifications to the ID area.

Design Autopsy: Annual Alumni Exhibition

Prof. Josh Owen
MFA Candidate, Bridget Sheehan
MFA 2013, David Strauss
MFA Graphic Design 2013, Casey Kelly
MFA Graphic Design 2013, Rita Yu

Design Autopsy is an annual exhibition of Alumni work from the RIT Industrial Design department. This exhibit is meant to help reveal the diversity and process behind the profession of industrial design. Samples presented show a variety of areas that have been explored by Alumni and is not limited to final products. The exhibition is permanently installed in the Industrial Design Department and is inspired by the Vignelli Unigrid System.

More information about Design Autopsy can be found here.

Product Timecapsule

Prof. Josh Owen
MFA Candidate Brendan Gordon
MFA 2013 Sunyoung Kim
MFA 2013 Kristen McGeorge

A time capsule is an historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future generations. Product Timecapsule is a Vignelli Center for Design Studies Archives initiative organized in cooperation with the RIT Industrial Design program. This initiative collects significant artifacts which, in conjunction with the final products they represent, offer a rigorous set of teaching tools that create a multifaceted understanding of the design process. Each acquisition tells a rich story of its place in the history of design.

For more information about Product Timecapsule, click here.

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