The fourth annual T-minus ended this Saturday after a week of collaboration with the Seneca Art & Culture Center at Ganondagan. Ganondagan is a cultural center and historical site for the Seneca Nation. Forty-eight teams addressed three prompts and winners were selected for each:
First prompt: Create a resting station for visitors hiking the grounds.
Wyatt Coe
Analia Brecino-Gutierrez
Reema Aldossari
Django Scorupa
Daechan Kim
Sarah Balaschack
Nora Manzella
John Fratti
Second Prompt: Redesign the trail way finding system to be clearer and more intuitive.
John Lyons
Nathaniel Tong
Kaitlyn Gilmore
Kramer Campisano
Shima Ghaheri
Third prompt: Redesign the Fourth Grade field trip experience.
Ge:ih niwashë:h dekni:h (Best Overall)
Steven Harvey
Christof Trexler
Brandon Sheppard
Vincent Lin
Maitrayee Sohni
Student Choice
Dewashëh sëh
Lea Balcerzak
Kristin Grant
Piper Gasiorowski
Fang-yi Lin

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