The Fram Advisory Board has announced that Industrial Design graduate students are winners of the Large Group Award for the 2016 Applied Critical Thinking excellence at Imagine RIT. The exhibit, Your Decisions Make Sustainability Possible, will be held in the Staples Lab in the Golisano Institute for Sustainability.
Team: Jennifer Russell (Coordinator, Golisano Institute for Sustainability) Reema Aldossari, Yi Feng, Shih-Hsuan Huang, Michael Kelly, Nik Miclette, Spar Patton, Wenjing Qi, Kaining Qiu, Elizabeth Stegner, Jiahe Tian, Akanksha Vishwakarma, Hui-Yu Yang, Yue Zhang, and Runhao Zhao
Faculty, Staff & Community Industry Mentors: Brian Hilton (Golisano Institute for Sustainability),Clyde Hull (Saunders College of Business), Stan Rickel (School of Industrial Design), Marissa Tirone (School of Industrial Design), Bill Davies (President, Davies Office), Doug Pilgrim (National Business Development Manager, Davies Office)
Synopsis: Our society is facing some significant environmental and social challenges; some of these must be tackled through government and industry initiative, but for many of those challenges the most effective solutions can start right at home with the individual. Our increasing consumption of goods and services is putting significant pressure on our natural systems, as well as on our communities as they deal with increasing waste and resource constraints. We believe that, although consumers may feel helpless to fix some of these problems, in fact they have the potential to be among the most powerful drivers of needed change.
We use this Imagine RIT exhibit to explore how consumers make choices about the products they consume, and how their behaviors and evaluations are affected by new information. Specifically, we seek to understand how the consumer evaluates a ‘greener’ product relative to a ‘normal’ product, and how the product characteristics of ‘cool’ and ‘innovative’ interplay in their choices.

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