Last weekend, RIT hosted its Spring 2016 IdeaLab at the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship. IdeaLab challenges students to work in teams on real-world projects presented by corporate stakeholders. Students work over the course of 48 intense hours to research, develop, and prototype new products and systems. This year, thirty-seven graduate and undergraduate students from multiple disciplines partnered with six faculty coaches on health projects identified by Rochester Regional Health.
The projects presented were:
Transport of deceased patients through the hospital to the morgue
Safe movement of patient post-surgery to bed
OR surgery process optimization and tool organization
Medical recycling systems
Improving visual processing for stroke patients
Improving energy recovery systems for large hospitals
The students represented industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, bio-medical engineering, business, manufacturing and mechanical systems integration, human computer interaction, finance, computer science, and communication. The weekend concluded with presentations to RRH clients and planning for continued design and development.

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