T-Minus 151, RIT’s spring semester kickoff design blitz, announced its winners this Saturday with the help of alumnus and sponsor Brett Teper of modko. Over 48 teams competed this year, each composed of one representative from every level of the ID program. Freshmen and graduate students alike rushed to create cat fountains, cat trees, dog carriers, and litter boxes in 151 frenetic hours. This year’s winners will receive recognition on modko’s website and on the production models of the products they helped to design. See also 2014 and 2015.
This year’s winners are:
Animal Behavior
Alan Xu ’19
Samuel Straub ’19
Justin Callaghan ’18
Jack Marquez ’17
SydneyMacMillan ’16
Rana Rezaei Grad
Nishamahesh Panicker ’19
Gabriel Volk ’18
Daniel Turner ’17
Evan Slone ’16
David Evenski Grad
Student Choice
Cynthia Stetson ’18
Tony Nguyen ’17
Pauline Dziama ’17
Xinran Zheng ‘16
modko Selection
Karen Liu ’19
Zoe Gomer ’18
Kramer Campisano ’17
Tristan Cannan ’16
Casey Rebach ’16

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