The 2015 Innovative Access Technology Product Competition is specifically designed to promote and advance early-stage effective access ideas. This competition is broadly defined in order to include almost all access technology stakeholders: faculty and student researchers; companies; and other individuals with new access technology ideas.
Project “Kids’ Stander for Therapy and Social Interaction“. ID students: Elizabeth Stegner, Michael Kelly, Louise Fernandes, Marcelle Sampaio and Huang Shih-Hsuan. Faculty: Yolegmma Marquez and Stan Rickel.
Project “Spynalign“: (Industrial design students): Mariana Pinheiro, Andrew Magee, David Evenski, Jeremy Eyster and Analia Briceno. Faculty: Yolegmma Marquez and Clark Hochgraf.
Project “The Band Toy“: (Industrial design students): Mariana Pinheiro and Tatiana Ferrucio. Business : Eva Sanou. AlSigl research engineer: Adam Podolec. Faculty: Yolegmma Marquez and Dana Wolcott.
Project “ThermApparel“: (Industrial design students): Bradley Dunn, Lara Cardoso and Kurtis Kracke.
Engineering: Alyssa Lorczak, Mallory Wingate, Jared Raphael, Benjamin Spangler and Crystal Mendoza. Business: John Robinson. Faculty: Yolegmma Marquez, Stan Rickel and, Charles Tabb.
Project “Wavio“: Company: Hertz technologies. ID consultants: Roberto Kody Uchida and Tatiana Ferruccio. Faculty: Yolegmma Marquez and Dana Wolcott.
1st place:
Team: Spynalign
2nd. Place:
Team: ThermApparel
Competition (Best Stand)
3rd Place: Studio 930.
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