RIT’s Industrial Design students and faculty participated in IdeaLab which took place on campus, on October 3rd and 4th.
The RIT IdeaLab mixes multidisciplinary student teams, coaches, and industry sponsors to identify and solve real world problems.
This year, six fantastic problem areas were chosen from the more than thirty possibilities submitted by Al Sigl Agencies representatives. The event began with a presentation by Dan Harel that highlighted a collaborative, multidisciplinary process known as “Design Thinking.”
The eight student teams were assigned to work on specific problem areas. They researched user needs and target market characteristics as well as business requirements and technology possibilities in relation to each specific problem area. This initial work was necessary in order to begin the creation of 2D illustrations and trial and error mock-ups for exploring possible solutions. RIT’s facilities provided access to equipment for designing, developing, and finishing products during this event.
The teams ended their collaborative effort on the second day of the IdeaLab with concluding presentations and demonstrations of their innovative solutions to the problems.
Participating ID faculty included:
Kim Sherman
Bruce Leonard
Amos Skully
Yolegmma Marquez
Stan Rickel

Problem overview

Dynamic Arm Support demo

Device Tracker demo

Help Dress demo 2

Help Dress demo 1

Team discussion

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