The Studio 9.30 RIT Design Consultancy is a multidisciplinary studio focused on the production of access and health technologies products. This group is motivated equally by real-world learning and helping people with various abilities in our community. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center together, the MFA program of Industrial Design, the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the Saunders College of Business have joined forces to give our outstanding students the opportunity on meaningful projects.

During the summer of 2015, Studio 9.30 worked for the ALSigl Community of Agencies, Mary Cariola Children’s Center, Rochester Regional Health, and the MS Society. Nine projects resulted: the IcePack (a system for blood sample transportation), Spynalign (a posture sensing wearable), Wavio (for alerting the hearing impaired to sound-based notifications), Better Switch Adaptive Toys, Smart Rug, a rapid body-cooling system, modular crutches, a mobile centrifuge, and a wrist Sanitizer. The team included Yolegmma Marquez, the project manager; the students: Mariana Pinheiro, Bradley Dunn, Lara Cardoso, Andrew Magee, Suhina Agarwal, Trupti Pomaje, Tatiana, Ferrucio Ferreira, Roberto K. Uchida; and the coordinators, professors: Stan Rickel, director of Industrial Design graduate studies; Phd. Richard DeMartino, chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RIT; Daniel Phillips, Department Head, Biomedical engineering; Dana Walcott Start-Up program coordinator; and Phd. Elizabeth DeBartolo, director of multidisciplinary senior design at Kate Gleason College of Engineering; and the collaborators: Adam Podolec, Elec. Eng.; and Michael Buffalin Mech. Eng. from The Construct Lab.


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