Design Blitz was created to give students an unexpected high pressure design problem they must complete in only 3 hours. This semester, the Industrial Design Junior Studio II class at RIT was given this challenge in collaboration with an award winning Rochester coffee roaster, Joe Bean Coffee.
Each student was given the challenge to design and produce a scale model of a chair, using only the materials
supplied within one paper coffee cup, plastic lid, cardboard cup sleeve, and wooden stir stick. Their task was to quickly and thoroughly explore the capabilities of all given materials and apply them to their design concept using any processes, adhesives, cutting tools, or modeling supplies. No restrictions were given to the way they produced the final model, only the materials available to build it.
All students had to produce one model each and all models were due within 3 hours. No exceptions. What can you do in 3 hours?
Students Involved
Brendan Babiarz
Evan Cincotta
Holly Leone
Veronica Lin
Sydney Mac Millan
Danielle Marino
Rebecca Merriman
Mario Rocchio
Sara Schult
Vedant Swarup
Adrian Tiliacos
Koby Trout
Qiaoyue Zheng
Vienna Ziatyk
ID Junior Studio II
Professor: Seth Eshelman
Joe Bean Coffee
1344 University Ave
Rochester NY 14607
Opening Exhibition – Friday, April 24th at 7p-10p, extending through Saturday, and ending Sunday April 26th at 2p
Open judging to the public.
Two prizes will be awarded, one for best design and another for most creative use of material


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