Industrial design students and faculty members participated in IdeaLab which took place from October 14th to 15th. The RIT IdeaLab mixes multi-disciplinary student teams, coaches and industry sponsors to identify and solve real problems. It orchestrates an array of activities, including problem definition, brainstorming, problem solving, ideation, design processes, testing, prototyping, market evaluations, etc.
The Spring 2015 Healthcare IdeaLab was held with Rochester Regional Health System and consisted of four Project areas:
1. Urgent Care Efficiency
2. Stroke Patient Body Position Correction
3. Bi-Directional Interpreting Solutions
4. Custom Ankle-Foot Orthosis
Participating ID students and faculty included:
Suhina Agarwal, Analia Briceno-Gutierrez, Justin
Callaghan, Gina Colosimo, Jeremiah Eyster, David
Evenski, Tatiana Ferrucio, Zoe Gomer, Dan Harel,
Bruce Leonard, Andrew Magee, Livenette Negron,
Mariana Pinheiro, Elizabeth Rintels, Amos Scully,
Kim Sherman and Sandra Turner.

To find out more information about the Spring 2015 IdeaLab, check out this website.

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