Students from the Bachelors degree in Industrial Design participate in Cultural Design workshop
Innovative proposals on clothing, shoes, picture frames and chairs were some of the products developed by industrial design students participating in a cultural design workshop, taught by specialist Mindy Magyar from Rochester Institute of Technology.
During the workshop, held on January 20-22 at the business incubator facilities in the Monterrey campus, the instructor talked to students about the diverse projects she has collaborated on, like the Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C.
The instructor raised awareness about how products designed by them can integrate into the global market by communicating identity, differentiate and evoke emotions in users.
“I transmitted how to produce cultural design to differentiate products, increase the emotional connection with the user and products”, said Magyar, who is part of the Global Center of Cultural Entrepreneurship Board.
About the work developed by students during the workshop, the instructor noted how admirable and motivating it was to witness the creativity of students in each of their projects, their consistency, ample knowledge and eagerness to learn.
They appreciate knowledge
To 5th semester student José Francisco Vela, this was a very enriching experience, since he is currently developing a label for a nostalgic market and thanks to the newly acquired knowledge he now has a clearer vision of what he is looking for and needs to do to reach his goal.
“This workshop has helped my project a lot, I am very thankful to have lived this experience along with my classmates, from which I have also learned, as well as from the concepts explained by the expert in cultural design”, he said.
7th semester student Rosario Ortiz noted how useful all the newly learned concepts were, since this is a relevant branch of design she hadn’t had the opportunity to experiment with before.

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