The documentary Print the Legend, directed by Luis Lopez and J. Clay Tweel, tells the story of 3D printing from the perspectives of the startup companies MakerBot and Formlabs. It provides an in-depth look at the beginning of a new era of technology, weighing its positives against its negatives, and overall giving you an inside glimpse of who these companies are, how they started, where they have been and where they plan to go.

After watching this video, I found myself having a better understanding of how the 3D printing industry started and how the different styles of machines work. It is very interesting to see the interviews with different people from within the companies, and from those who have left the companies and for what reasons. The documentary discusses the people of the companies and their stories, but it also allows you to see the business side of this innovative technology, and what it can do to the companies and the people. Overall, I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in 3D printing technologies or getting to know a little about the companies that manufacture them.

This documentary is currently only available on Netflix.

Alex Reding
4th year Industrial Design



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