In the past, Grace Jeffers has given lectures on man-made materials that imitate materials found in nature. This lecture has evolved into a pertinent message about sustainability and it is now a CEU which will be broadcast live one time only on September 18th at 6:30 CST.

Grace’s thought-provoking lecture examines our preference for natural material and our rejection of man-made ones, especially man-made materials that imitate materials found in nature. She examines our values, thoughts and perceptions and then questions if they are relevant. Grace will explore new ways of looking at and understanding materials and examine unconventional ways to make truly responsible choices. She outlines a little considered strategy for sustainability while simultaneously making people ask the question: what is natural and what is natural now?

Grace has been researching the topic for 16 years and feels that this lecture is truly a comprehensive approach to materials.

The link to the CEU accredited lecture, part of the Wilsonart Creativity Tour, which will take place this Thursday night is here. The live stream to the passcode will be wilsonart – all lower case.



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