Core77 has published the latest installment of their Core77 Questionnaire, also part of this month’s ongoing design-education spectacular, in which they interviewed Industrial Design Chair, Professor Josh Owen.

The article, appropriately titled “Josh Owen on Achieving Deep Focus, Having Zero Productivity Tricks, and Why the Best Part of His Job Is Empowering Others to Succeed,” gives readers a little peek into Josh’s past, influences, work method, and personal opinions regarding design.

Among other pieces of advice, Josh says that the best part of his job is “empowering people to succeed—as a designer, by crafting objects and systems that make life better; and as an educator, by training individuals to make decisions that make their own lives better as well as the lives of others.” The article is also accompanied by some really great photos of examples of Josh’s designs and his work space.

Read the entire entire interview here.


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