From May 17 to 22, RIT Industrial Design was well represented at New York Design Week 2014. Below are a few of the highlights.

Metaproject 04 booth at ICFF, Javits Center
This selection of projects is a representational portfolio of the work of twenty senior-level undergraduate Industrial Design students. The students were briefed to address the challenges associated with one of following interactions in the workplace: face-to-face, digitally mediated or human-to-tools. The projects consider how furnishings act as critical components in creating a naturally-human total user experience of work.

Herman Miller chose to exhibit the projects of project winner, Alexander Bennett, and runners-up, Emily Gammon, Maritza Garcia,
Kat Given, Tony Han, Richard Luo, Tal Rosenblum, and Gino Santaguida. Other participants in the project were Heather Allen, Killian Castner, Ariel Christopher, Joe Colleran, Ryan Fox, Edward Fry, Ramsey Haefner, Stephanie Lawrence, Oscar Rodriguez, Alex Romeo, Kyle Sheth, and Kyra Wilson-Houck. The course was taught by Professor Josh Owen with Teaching Assistant Bridget Sheehan.

Herman Miller also hosted a party for our students at their New York Showroom, which gave students an opportunity to celebrate their achievement and speak with members of the Herman Miller team.

Metaproject received several nods from the press including:
Herman Miller
Design Milk
Chip Chick
Arts Thread
FX Fowle

Loll Designs + RIT Industrial Design at Wanted Design
First year graduate students designed and developed products suitable for inclusion in Loll Designs’s catalog in consideration of the following architectural context: Entryway. Students utilized Loll’s recycled plastic as a primary material to explore this condition. This course introduced industrial design students to a working relationship with a client using a combination of seminar and workshop formats. The output was framed by the tenets of the Vignelli design philosophy, the teaching tools available from RIT’s Vignelli Archives and molded by the brief set by Loll Designs under the tutelage of Professor Josh Owen.

Loll chose to exhibit the projects of RIT student designers Austin Fagot, Brendan Gordon, Lei Hong, Casey Kelly, and Bridget Sheehan along with professional projects from their Professor, Josh Owen at Wanted Design. Other participants in the project were ID students Boyuan Ling, Qi Liu, Erica Nwankwo, Zimo Pan, Bijal Patwa, Abhishek Swaminathan, and Henry Tao.

Loll Designs + RIT Industrial Design received several nods from the press including:
Mother Nature Network

RIT Alumni and Friends Party at Lazzoni
The event was co-hosted by RIT Development and Alumni Relations with RIT ID Alumni Efe Kababulut ’09, Lazzoni Owner & US Director, in the Lazzoni showroom. This event celebrated RIT Industrial Design students, alumni, and friends who were participating and visiting in New York Design Week.

Gallery Crawl with Wendell Castle
On Saturday, May 17 RIT Artist in Residence, Wendell Castle lead a group of students on a gallery crawl through New York’s SoHo and Chelsea neighborhoods. The galleries included were Friedman Benda, Sebastian + Barquet Showroom , Todd Merrill Antiques, and R20th Century. Special thanks to Wendell Castle for taking the students on this walk!









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