20/20 Presentations and Panel Discussion

Moderator: Roslyn Bakst Goldman
Associate Professor Josh Owen, SOD
Associate Professor Keith Howard, SOA
Assistant Professor Jane Shellenbarger, SAC

Each presenter showed presentations compiled of twenty slides that were shown for twenty seconds each, in “Pecha Kucha” style. The first presenter was Josh Owen, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Industrial Design, who spoke about his background and practice of design, followed by an inside look at the design process and fabrication of his SOS Stool. He ended off on a high note, sharing the idea that “design is lifestyle.”

Keith Howard, Associate Professor of Printmaking and Research, then shared insight into the printmaking process. He brought along print-making materials, such as etched plastic and metals plates, to use as a visual aid as he explained the process.

Jane Shellenbarger, Associate Professor of Ceramics, continued the presentations by explaining the ceramic design process, personal research, as well as historical pieces and architecture that play a huge role of influence on her work. She also discussed pieces that she has designed and ones that are still in process.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion, during which the presenters answered questions from the audience. They also compared differences and similarities among the three types of design in which they educate at RIT. At one point, Josh Owen described industrial designers, saying that “We are somewhere between artists and engineers. We are solving real world problems by framing design opportunities along the way, ones that make the world a better place.”



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