The mission of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences is to inspire, innovate, and educate in fields where creativity and technology converge. Research, Scholarship, and Creativity in CIAS is a symposium and exhibition that showcases rigorous and creative research in the visual arts and imaging sciences.

Through presentations, panel discussions and displays of faculty and student work, attendees will discover how creativity and technology converge to explore areas of inquiry, solve problems and answer research questions. Each of the six schools in CIAS, as well as the Image Permanence Institute (IPI), are featured in this inaugural event.

Open April 7th to May 24th

Wednesday, April 16th
5pm to 7pm
University Gallery, Booth Hall

The School of Design is represented by:
Josh Owen
Bridget Sheehan
Metaproject 03

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm



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