T-Minus 151 is an intensive, one-week project rallying together all students of the RIT Industrial Design department. Working with an all-consuming deadline, this project dedicates students to mixed-year teams devoting their entire course load within the major to a single project. Comprising each team are representatives from every level of the ID program; freshman to graduate students.

The one-week project is launched on the first day of classes in the spring term with all students attending a presentation where the project scope and sponsor is revealed. The department partners with an industry sponsor to drive the criteria and offer an award in acknowledgement of the winning team’s concept. The title ‘151’ refers to the number of hours in the project from launch to showcase end.

This year’s industry sponsor was Efe Kababulut of Lazzoni Furniture. Efe is a 2009 graduate of RIT’s Industrial Design program. The project was to design furniture solutions that could be used as a student lounge within Booth and Gannett. The need for lounge areas was previously voiced by CIAS students in a recent survey as one of their top two improvement opportunities for the college. Each member of the winning team will receive a circular end table from the Lazzoni Furniture catalogue.

The winning team and runners-up:

Team Mantell:
Raianne Rodrigues de Faria – 1st year
Sydney MacMillan- 2nd year
Kelly Zheng- 2nd year
Danielle Marino- 2nd year, Manager
Richard Luo- 4th year, co-Manager

Team Lakoti:
Reno Heinrichs – 1st year
Sze Hon Wong – 1st year
Sam Horowitz – 2nd year
Audrey Kirk – 3rd year, Manager
Maritza Garcia – 4th year
Rick Kuiken  – 4th year

Team Lacrima:
Kristy Younglove – 1st year
Simon Hyun Kim – 2nd year
Emily Kvale – 3rd year, Manager
Ramsey Haefner – 4th year
Henry Tao – 2nd year graduate

Team Positano:
Veronica Santoso – 1st year
Casey Rebach – 2nd year
Sara Prout – 3rd year, Manager
Shanique Shields – 4th year
Reese Zecchin – 4th year





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