RIT design students were lucky to have the opportunity to hear Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek speak this past week in the University Gallery as part of the Vignelli Design Conversations Lectures. Oliver and Patrick are product designers who established the London-based Uniform Wares in 2009. Students and faculty eagerly listened to them speak about their process, from how they started as designers to the steps that go behind the designing and manufacturing of their collections.

The First Year ID graduate students had the opportunity to meet with Oliver and Patrick for a roundtable discussion the following morning. It was a rare chance to sit with the designers to have an inside look at the background of a successful company. The students were given a first look at sketches, renderings, photographs of prototypes, and watches from various collections that will be placed in the Vignelli Archives for current and future study. To see all of the passion and talent that Oliver and Patrick put into their company was a great inspiration at the start of a new semester.


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