On Friday, October 11, RIT ID opened its second annual Industrial Design Alumni Show, Design Autopsy. The party took place in our fourth floor studio space where crowds of students, faculty, alumni, and program supporters enjoyed great conversation and some delicious pizza.

Design Autopsy 2013 was spearheaded by Professor, and Department Chair, Josh Owen and second year graduate student Bridget Sheehan.

This years show featured the stories and work of:
Tanvi Asher – Owner & Designer, Peppermint
Rob Easton – VP of Design, Davis Furniture
Seth Eshelman – Principal Designer & Owner, Staach
David S. Kidder – Co-Founder & CEO, Bionic
Don Lehman – Founder & Designer, More/Real
Manasi Manjrekar – Founder & Director, Confluence Elite Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Wanda Miglus – CEO & Creative Director, ILOROM
James Paulius – Independent Designer
Jeff Smith – Director of Design, Reflex Design, Inc.
Brett Teper – Partner, Modko

Special thanks to:

Our alumni for donating their time and work for our archives.

RES Exhibit Services, especially Creative Director Tim Prinzing, for the donation of the materials, printed panels, and for their continued support of RIT ID.

RIT Alumni Relations and Ron Goldberg for the pizza.

CIAS and the School of Design for their continued support of Design Autopsy.






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