Vignelli Center Design Conversations Lecture: Rob Cassetti

Adventures in Glass
Tuesday, October 8
University Gallery, Vignelli Center for Design Studies
James E. Booth Hall

As Senior Director of the Corning Museum of Glass, Cassetti will describe the arc of a career, based in design that has been propelled by a passion for a single material. A self-described glass evangelist, Casseti creates programs, objects, places and experiences intended to reveal the subtle magic of glass.

He will tell the story of how a simple glass demonstration in Corning, NY sparked a need for new mobile glassblowing technology that eventually led to groundbreaking glassmaking initiatives that now take place around the world. One of those initiatives is GlassLab. This innovative design program brings the power of rapid prototyping in hot glass directly to the global design community. The conversation will conclude with a discussion about the power and potential of glass as a design material.

VDC Cassetti Poster 2013

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