Design Conversations: R. Roger Remington, Leilla and Massimo Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design

50 Years and Counting
Tuesday, September 10
University Gallery, Vignelli Center for Design Studies
James E. Booth Hall

Casey Kelly (2013 MFA Graphic Design) graduated with a better handle on her own design methods because she spent the last two years digging through the archives of American design pioneers. “You can experience firsthand design from the past,” Kelly says. “It’s a different experience to flip through boxes and see the designs for yourself.”

RIT has R. Roger Remington to thank for that. Remington will celebrate 50 years of teaching at RIT this fall. He is the longest-serving faculty member at the institute. The Graphic Design Archive he created now includes the work of 40 designers and continues to grow. In addition, RIT is home to the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, which houses the archive of renowned designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

“There’s no other university that has anything comparable to what Roger has done with the center and the archives. I don’t think even people at RIT realize what he has done,” says Massimo Vignelli. “The only comparison I can make is Einstein at Princeton. Princeton is famous because of Einstein and RIT is famous because of Roger Remington.”

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