Congratulations to IDEA 2013 Bronze Award Winners, and RIT ID Graduate Students, Xiaoxiao Pu, Zimo Pan and Lei Hong!

Their product, Mua-Mi is a breast pump that provides an easy, convenient and comfortable way to pump milk. It features a one-time-use plastic bag, which can be used as a milk bottle and keeps the milk fresh for up to 12 hours. It also includes an app that helps users control the pump and check the temperature of the milk.

Recently, Lei Hong and Xiaoxiao Pu went to Chicago for the IDSA Conference where they listened to a lot of speaker sessions and took part in a career training and a portfolio, and learned some design philosophy from the award-wining designers/speakers.

Congratulations again ladies, we look forward to seeing more great work from you in the future!


Lei Hong, IDSA

Xiaoxiao Pu, IDSA

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