Patricia Moore is an alumna of the Industrial Design department of RIT and was featured in our alumni show, Design Autopsy, this past fall. Pattie is an internationally renowned gerontologist and designer, serving as a leading authority on consumer lifespan behaviors and requirements. Her broad range of experience includes Communication Design, Research, Product Development and Design, Environmental Design, Package Design, Transportation Design, Market Analysis, and Product Positioning. Pattie holds undergraduate degrees in Industrial & Environmental and Communication Design from RIT, she has completed Advanced Studies in Biomechanics at New York University’s Medical School and Rusk Institute, graduate degrees in Psychology and Social Gerontology from Columbia University.

From March 11th to the 16th, Pattie was on campus. While here she spoke with students in both Industrial Design and Graphic Design, met with the next generation of female industrial designers, visited the studio of Wendell Castle, had dinner with faculty and graduate students, and acted as a juror for the IDSA Student Merit Award Presentations.

After a short presentation of her work and philosophy last Tuesday, Pattie launched a four day design charrette that involved three design classes comprising a mix of sophomore and junior industrial design students. She issued provocative statements to each of 11 teams. Each team had four students and was tasked with creating an 8 minute presentation that, through their research, probed the issues of each of the statements:

Look Ma, no hands!
A stranger in a strange land
Easy as ABC
Lights out
Water, water everywhere
Out of order
It’s my party
Trike to bike
Auntie Em
Right to bear arms
The overhead bins are full

With the help of caffeine, fruit and donuts, the student teams made their presentations on Saturday morning. Pattie and the faculty, Professors Amos Scully, Bruce Leonard, and Stan Rickel, were delighted by the depth, interpretation and diversity of presentations.

The students of RIT-ID loved working with Pattie. We would like to thank Pattie for all her hard work while she was here, and we look forward to seeing her again.


Pattie Moore speaking with the women of the Industrial Design Department.


Pattie Moore with the IDSA Student Merit Award nominees and jurors.

Right to bear arms

Students presenting their work to their classmates, professors, and Pattie Moore.

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