Congratulations to graduating Graduate Student, David Strauss, on being awarded the first annual GlassLab Fellowship!

The GlassLab Design Fellowship provides David with the opportunity to explore glass as a medium for rapid prototyping of ideas and participate in a two-day GlassLab session at the Corning Museum of Glass at the end of May. In addition to the CMoG session, David will receive transportation reimbursement, an overnight stay in a hotel at Corning, a $500 honorarium, and public acknowledgments from both RIT and CMoG.

David was chosen for his exceptional design skills, excellent communication skills across mediums, high degree of maturity, and strong track record of meaningful contributions to the the department.

Congratulations, David!


Professor Josh Owen presents David Strauss with the GlassLab Award.



Glasslab Fellowship Award, designed by Josh Owen.
Photo by: Elizabeth Lamark, ETC Photo

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