The IDSA has highlighted RIT as the student chapter of the month for November. This prestigious selection was due in part to the hard work and success of the Thought @ Work student conference that took place in October.

Aaron Jackendoff explains the inspiration behind the event: “In April 2011 at RIT, we made the decision to take a more active role in our education as industrial design students so that we could develop our abilities beyond what is learned through our schoolwork. We felt that much of design education is often based on a passive intake of knowledge and simply churning out assigned projects towards the attainment of grades. Thought @ Work was our vehicle towards a goal of going beyond our studies and learning more about design in the process. First created in 2003 and 2004, Thought @ Work is a student-run industrial design conference. From inception through implementation, 18 months passed and innumerable hours were spent developing this project into the successful event it became.”

Manager of IDSA Member Relations, Jen Sadrak was truly impressed by the RIT student chapter and the Thought @ Work team’s effort: “It was motivating to see such ambition. To me, this is what the Society is all about. Taking your career by the horns and driving it where you want it to go. The students came together, pooled their resources and made this thing happen. Even as students (lower classmen at that), their work has already benefited hundreds.”

Read more about IDSA’s selection here.

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