Thought At Work

From October 26th to the 28th, RIT ID played host to Thought@Work, a Student Industrial Design Conference. This student run conference brought 18 professionals and 10 graduate students to speak to nearly 280 students from schools across the Northeast. The professionals included Sam Aquillano, Brian Buirge & Jason Bacher, Sarah Feingold, Jeffrey Cougler, Lorrie Frear, Bryan Hammer, Don Lehman, Greg Smiley, Jeff Smith, and Kerstin Nelsen Strom. The branding as a student conference made the speakers more approachable, an aspect that made this a more personal experience. One aspect that both students and speakers enjoyed were the 15 minutes speeches. These speeches allowed the professionals to speak more poignantly about their work and experiences.

A hearty thank you and congratulations goes out to Aaron Jackendoff, Kyle Sheth, Gino Santaguida, and the rest of the students who volunteered their time and energy to making this conference a success.

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