The Instructables Design Competition is open to everyone who makes something that can be reasonably described as “art” or “design.” If you’ve created something for a course, a client, or just for fun, show Instructables what you did and how you did it. Whether your goal is to inspire others, show off, or win stuff, Instructables is the platform for people to share what they make. Share your 3D printed, microcontrolled, animated, photographic, sculpted, furnished, automotive, or graphic project to win a laser cutter, a laptop, and a DSLR.

The Autodesk Sustainability team will also reward the entry that demonstrates the best use of sustainable design with a special judge’s prize: $1500 at Highland Woodworking.

Submission dates: October 28th, 2012 – January 29th, 2013

Check out their website for details. Don’t forget to check out other available Instructables and Autodesk competitions too!

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