Several RIT Industrial Design students have received recognition from the Core77 2012 Design Awards. C7712DA recognizes excellence in all areas of design enterprise, celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners.

RIT MFA Graduate, Sandra Turner received recognition as a “Student Notable” for her Fidget: Natural System of Movement design, in the Furniture & Lighting category.

“The emerging product design, fidget, is a modular object with many possibilities; it is a chair, a stool, a desk, and by connecting together, it forms an extended surface. It is just one proposed solution that embraces and celebrates this critical and dynamic dialogue in classroom design.”

RIT MFA Candidates Danwei Ye, Yu Liu, and Yakun Zhang received recognition as a “Student Runner Up” for their Fountain of Life design, in the Equipment category.

“Fountain of Life is a water birthing assistant medical device. It is a product based on a more traditional water birthing container like a tub and has several advanced material and medical technology modifications.”

RIT MFA Graduate, Hong Ying Guo received recognition as a “Student Runner Up” for his Moss Light design, in the Furniture & Lighting category.

“Moss” is a reflection to step back from the conventional standardized system and embrace more freedom from the inspiration of nature. This light system is intended to imitate the growing way of moss with the capability to multiply and attach to many places. Thus, “Moss” allows users to customize the light to what they desire without limitation on the location and the form. With its flexible structure and attributes of the electroluminescent strip, the light can be easily fit into many changes in various circumstances.”

RIT Senior, Sean Petterson received recognition as a “Student Notable” for his Strong Arm Lifting Safety Garment design, in the Soft Goods category.

“The Strong Arm is a device that makes lifting packages and materials easier and safer. Designed for materials handlers, the ergonomically designed Strong Arm reduces risk and fatigue when lifting materials at a factory, delivering packages or carrying a variety of loads.”

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