Industrial Design sophomore Alexander Bennett and Management Information Systems junior Christopher Burton were recently selected as 1st place winners in RIT’s Shark Tank Exhibition, sponsored by the Saunders College. The students received a $2,000 prize for their concept and prototype for the Kinetic Beacon.

The Kinetic Beacon is a self powered GPS distress locator device, that can be used when hikers or other outdoor enthusiasts get lost or are in other unfortunate circumstances while visiting state or national parks. The students plan on creating the self powered part by making a mechanism that you can squeeze with just one hand to generate power. They are currently working on the final design, as well as visiting manufacturers and venture capitalists to try and bring this concept to market.

When asked about winning the 1st place prize, ID sophomore Alexander Bennett said “Being recognized for an idea you cultivated and worked so hard on is every designer’s dream. Winning the award with Chris was amazing and an eye opening experience that shows what is possible through great collaboration and passion.”

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