This past summer, Jae studied furniture design at the  Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), affiliated with the University of Copenhagen, and a study abroad program in the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at RIT.  More than 50 American design students competed for the “Furniture Design Award for Academic Excellence” given to Jae Ho Seo, MFA Industrial Design 2nd year graduate student.

Jae wanted to “make a three-legged chair for better movement space of human legs.”  His inspiration came from an “obsession to combine solid wood and veneer and desire to express a strong contrast with the natural color of the wood.” Jae’s chair is made of maple veneer and red mahogany creating a better structure by supporting each other and offering a strong design element. He was also “inspired by the Scandinavia design principle to never waste material for structure and to keep refining the essence of the design.”

Along with winning the “Furniture Design Award for Academic Excellence,” Jae’s chair was exhibited in CODE 10, the first international design fair featured in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Congratulations Jae!

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