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Mar 29 2015

“Design matters: Vignelli Center for Design Studies”

It was reported in the Rochester City Newspaper that “RIT’s Vignelli Center is a teaching archive and museum of modernist marvels” (Rafferty 25 March 2015). Click here to read interviews with designer and director of the Vignelli Center R. Roger … Continue reading

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Guillermo Fok

Mar 27 2015

The Interview Series: Guillermo Fok

Guillermo Fok, a graduate students of Industrial Design talks to RIT ID blog’s editor about his experiences during his study in RIT and his new project called RES+MAGIC+SoD. RIT ID-Design editor: We would like to know a little more about … Continue reading

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Mar 16 2015

Designing with advice from international expert

Students from the Bachelors degree in Industrial Design participate in Cultural Design workshop Innovative proposals on clothing, shoes, picture frames and chairs were some of the products developed by industrial design students participating in a cultural design workshop, taught by … Continue reading

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Mar 16 2015

Spring 2015 IdeaLab

Industrial design students and faculty members participated in IdeaLab which took place from October 14th to 15th. The RIT IdeaLab mixes multi-disciplinary student teams, coaches and industry sponsors to identify and solve real problems. It orchestrates an array of activities, … Continue reading

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Amos Scully

Mar 13 2015

‘Best poster’ at the 2014 Engineering and Product Design Conference

Amos Scully faculty recently received the award for ‘best poster’ at the 2014 Engineering and Product Design Conference this September by the Design Society of the UK. “The E&PDE conference will bring together representatives from education and industry who have … Continue reading

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Mar 10 2015

2015 RIT ID GlassLab Fellowship Award Winner, Timothy Copeland

Congratulations to 2nd year Graduate Student, Timothy Copeland for being this year’s recipient of the CMoG GlassLab Design Fellowship. The GlassLab Design Fellowship provides TImothy with the opportunity to explore glass as a medium for rapid prototyping of ideas and … Continue reading

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Mar 01 2015

Golf distance measuring devices designed by KEK

Paul Klock earned a BFA in Industrial Design at RIT, in 1990. He has been the industrial design manager and creative director of KEK Associates Inc. since 1994. Klock and his talented team at KEK collaborated with IZZO Golf to … Continue reading

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Feb 26 2015

Health Technology Idea Lab Registration

It is time for the Spring 2015 IdeaLab at RIT with Rochester Regional Healthcare System. The IdeaLab is designed to employ innovative multidisciplinary RIT student teams to brainstorm and solve unique medical-related problems faced by RRHS. The IdeaLab is a … Continue reading

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Feb 22 2015

The Future Of Education Starts Here.

The fall semester of 2014 was very exciting for the Industrial Design first year graduate students. During the Design Laboratory classes, professor Dan Harel gave his students the challenging mission of designing the classroom of the future for elementary schools. … Continue reading

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Angela Corrado

Feb 21 2015

The Interview Series: Angela Corrado

Angela Corrado, the brilliant Industrial Design candidate talks to RIT ID blog’s editor about her experiences during her study abroad in Germany and the first prize she won in the ToyDesign2020 competition. RIT ID-Design editor: We would like to know … Continue reading

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